March 22nd, 2012

А что я - я сама офигела!

Students of my class were used as guinea pigs to check a new listening test on last Tuesday. In fact, it was the test for the next level, 098 CPE. That's why our teacher said she even wasn't going to tell us our results. However, we were intrigued with the marks and asked her to tell us at least the average mark, the highest and the lowest. She gave up and called us up one by one. Everybody came to her, checked his or her result, made a sound and came back. Some of us announced the result loudly (if it was good) and the class hummed with approval.
Zeporah told us, that the test was too hard. Eight of nineteen classmates didn't pass it. Four more got a "C" - it's the minimum to pass.
Listening was my weak point always, so I was sure I hadn't passed. How astonished I was when I saw my mark! It was 77%, the highest mark in the class! I'm still so impressed!
It's very useful to watch "X-files" every evening :)

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